Human Design

An approximate Covid-19 timeline, according to Human Design astrology and transits (revised)

Revised on 31st of October 2020 These are astrological notes that I took during the months of lock-downs and unlockings, originally published in June as facebook posts (scroll down for links), in reference to the main facts and tendencies of Covid-19 pandemic all over the world. I also inserted links of relevant information excerpted from the media. I am now editing and integrating information for people who are not so acquainted with the HD system and also adding more references to facts and events. It all started when, while reading an article, I realized that the beginning of the outbreak in Italy happened during the so called Incarnation Cross of Contagion, last February 14th. Incarnation Crosses in Human Design are fixed configurations of the Sun/Earth binomial on the HD Zodiac wheel during the solar year. They’re calculated at the actual position of the Sun on a given day and at 88° of Solar arc – roughly 3 months before. Considering the Zodiac wheel, the Earth is always organically opposite to the Sun. So we have basically points in space-time that make a specific configuration for each moment of the solar year. The Crosses always occur more or less at the

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