Catching the scent of life

to never let it go! I often wake up with a lot of ideas in my mind about what should be done. And it’s not about fixing problems or trying to control situations, but mostly about creating something… One day is the perfect organic soap, the next day a perfect match-making app. And the feeling is not even so much “I should do it” but rather, “Someone should do it” and I just try and see if it could be me. Most of the times it’s not. And the idea goes back there to the akaash, the ether, where it belongs, maybe perfected and/or energized and readier to be caught by the right person. But some of them stay with me and I ride them for days, trying to make them real… And sometimes they do become real and something beautiful is really created out of me and here to stay. And there is always something deeper and vaster than the product or the manifact about these ideas… It’s about belonging to creation, fabricating the scent of life… or, better, catching it – ’cause nothing is ever fabricated even when created – and cast it in stone so that it

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